In addition to our full service printing capabilities, we offer extensive bindery services. Our bindery services department is fully capable of handling all your labor-intensive needs.


Collating is the process of gathering individual sheets and assembling these sheets into a final product.
Our high-speed collating equipment can collate up to 10 sheets of 11 x 17 paper, saving you the time it would take to hand-collate the project. The next time you have a small or large project that requires collating, keep us in mind – we make it so simple, you’ll never want to hand-collate again.


Laminating extends the life of your printed projects by preserving the rich, vibrant colors under two sheets of fused plastic. Our lamination machine can laminate from business cards to large 11 x 17 sheets. We have the different thicknesses of laminate from lightweight to heavy duty.

Paper Cutting

Our commercial paper cutter features high-pressure hydraulic clamps to prevent paper shifting and razor-sharp blades to guarantee the most precise cuts.

Shrink Wrapping

We use high-quality shrink wrap to provide you with an easy and secure method of bundling printed materials. We can shrink wrap materials as small as a business card and as large as 11 x 17 posters.


When you need high-speed folding, you’ve come to the right place. Our high-speed folding machines can fold at speeds exceeding 3,500 sheets per hour. Many different folding formats are available from trifold to double parallel, and for more unique folding jobs, we also offer hand-folding options.

Hole Drilling

We have a hydraulic paper drilling machine that features many different sizes of paper drills and enable us to position the hole just about anywhere on the sheet of paper.


Many carbonless forms and tickets require numbering. Numbering is an inexpensive and effective way to maintain records.
We can number a variety of papers and sheet sizes. Choose from black or red ink, as well as descending or ascending numbers on most printed projects.


Padding is the process of making note pads or to “glue” carbonless forms together. We can apply glue to the top or sides of the pages and assemble in groups of 25, 50 or 100.


We have a stitching machine that creates a custom sized staple depending upon the number of pages. The staple can be placed in the spine of a booklet or on the top to hold sheets together.


Perforating a printed form can create an easy-to-remove response card, or customer feedback form. Perforating can also be used on invoice or statements to create a response device that the customer returns with their payment.


Scoring documents creates a clean fold for brochures, booklets and table tent cards.